supporting our ministry


Celebrating 15 Years

My wife Debbie and I are foreign missionary church planters, and have been living a missional lifestyle with our three children in Europe since 2001. We are supported in the following ways:

  • We have been living in Scotland for 16 years now as full-time missionaries/church planters. 
  • Debbie has worked part time as a tent-making missionary, including 11 1/2 years with Bethany Christian Trust, a Scottish charity , and since May 2016 with the Scottish Bible Society.
  • Since December 2015, Kent has been privileged to be part of an awesome organisation, Bethany Christian Trust as a Deputy Manager for Bethany Homes.  His passion is seeing lives transformed through the Gospel and Christian LOVE IN ACTION as he gets to help provide homes for homeless and vulnerable people.
  • More importantly, we are supported by the monthly gifts of a group of people who believe in what we are doing called “Ministry Partners.” These ministry partners stand with us on a regular basis through praying for us and giving financially to support us in full time ministry. Without our partners, we simply could not be in ministry.

We work with The Centre for European Church Planting, who help us by assisting our Ministry Partners give to our ministry.

If you would like to partner with us, you can do so by completing the online Partner Information Form at Just select Kent Chandler from the select a missionary scroll down box. Don’t worry, its totally secure, and gifts are tax-deductible (if you’re in the USA.) If you have any questions about that, you are welcome to email me with your questions.

Love, Kent


2 thoughts on “supporting our ministry

  1. JW

    Now I KNow! so, now you have one MORE ministry partner! I wish I would have known earlier I could have been doing this all along….

    BTW, in addition to the monthly, can I give one time gifts too?

  2. JW

    yeah, in case you didn’t get it from the first comment, I clicked on the cecp McThingy and set myself up a little ministry partner account. That is all.

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