scotland statistics


Scotland’s Statistics

Religion in Scotland

• 3% attend any kind of church including Catholic
• 2% attend an evangelical church

Scotland is considered Post Christian
• There are generations that don’t know God nor have ever heard of Jesus. And, most only know the name of Jesus as a swear word.
• There are more churches closing than opening.
• The average age in the Church of Scotland is about 75.

Every year in Scotland 60,000 individuals and families are declared homeless
(Homeless Stats for Scotland 2010)

1/4 of the population live in poverty.

Immigration in Scotland & the United Kingdom

300,000 Immigrants coming to the UK every year

Every week over 50 asylum seekers are granted refugee status.
600,000 polish immigrants in UK now, 10x more than in 2004.
113,000 Latin Americans living in one area in London.

Scotland’s Addictions & Violence

Scotland leads Europe consistently in:
• Highest rate of teenage pregnancies and abortions
• Drug Overdose and Alcohol abuse
Random violence and abuse is at an all time high

Edinburgh’s Statistics
Edinburgh, Capital of Scotland
• 500,000 population
• City known for academics, called Athens of the North.
• There are over 60,000 university students in the city, covering 4 universities and several colleges.
Over 20,000 Polish people moved to Edinburgh last year
Polish is the 2nd most spoken language behind English.

SHOCKING FACT: It would take 194 new churches being planted, that each grew to 500 people, in order for 20% of the UN-CHURCHED in Edinburgh to be reached.

As we begin this 16th year as missionaries, we are looking for a few more people to partner with us, and to help us advance the Gospel in Edinburgh and Scotland.

If you would LOVE to Follow, and be a part, you can go to my Supporting Our Ministry page on this blog for details on how to do that, or email me directly at:

Love, Kent


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