Beginning Year 17 in Scotland

Beginning Year 17 as missionaries here in Scotland seems a bit surreal. It was August 28, 2001 when we arrived in Scotland to begin our YWAM Family DTS in Paisley. At age 40, Debbie and I began this faith journey as missionaries with three young children, and continue to believe that God wants us to do this for the rest of our lives.

We have witnessed God doing amazing, miraculous, and awesome things here in Scotland. We have simply wanted to be jars of clay for Him to use, and for us to love people into His Kingdom.

Keeping it real, there have also been some really hard trying times that have stretched our faith.

But through it all God has always been faithful, always provided, and has promised to never leave us or forsake us.

We love living in Edinburgh, and love what we get to do now. God continues to refine us and open up doors of ministry for us to serve Him.

As our children are all grown up, Debbie and I have new roles to play, including being Memaw and Papaw to our 3 grandsons and our granddaughter to be born in November.

We are asking God to provide a way for Debbie and I to get to go see family, and for us to get to go to our son Joshua’s wedding on September 30th.

It’s been 4 years since we’ve been back and we need your help!

Help Us Get To Joshua & Meghan’s Wedding in America!

After celebrating our son Jacob and his new wife Stephanie’s wedding here in Scotland on Saturday, 12th August it is time to turn our attention to getting to our other son, Joshua’s wedding in America, Saturday, 30th September.

We need to see family, and we need to be at our son’s wedding in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

We are trusting in God, as it will be impossible for us to go to our son’s wedding and to see family & friends without His provision.

Will you help?

We appreciate your prayers and support.

Airfare (Kent & Debbie) – £1100-1200 est.

Hotels – £1100 est. (3 weeks)

Car Rental – £750-800 est. (3 weeks)

+ Food + Petrol (Gas)

To donate, please go to our Go Fund me page at:

Thank you.

Love, Kent


A Good News Story Retold

When a Good News story comes along that testifies to the faithfulness of our God, especially, when it pertains to my/our life, it just has to be retold. 

I’m wanting to share our good news with you, and the best way I know to do that is to repost an already brilliantly written blog post by my wife, on her blog, Grace Like Water.

The following is a link to A Good News Story at Grace Like Water:
Hope this is an encouragement to you today. 

Love, Kent


Year 14 Begins with Transitions

Year 14 Begins with Transitions
lives changed-transformed & renewed

As Year #14 begins for us as missionaries in this beautiful nation we call home, we find our selves, our lives, and our Nation in a time of flux and transition.

Transition #1: Many of you will be aware that this week, on Thursday, 18 September, the people of Scotland will vote Yes or No on a referendum that will allow Scotland to gain it’s independence and become totally separate from the United Kingdom. At the end of the day Thursday, Scotland will have it’s say on independence. Whether the outcome is a Yes or No vote, we are in for a significant time of transition.
Please pray for Scotland and for the people to not only have a political awakening but a spiritual awakening as well. Pray for our family and all of the other American missionaries that are labouring in this country.

Transition #2: As most of you know, Hannah served in the slums of Kolkata India during the month of July with a UK based ministry called TearFund and one of their partners EMC-Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta. She had an amazing life-changing time that has propelled her into her next journey as a uni student at the University of Stirling (in the Heart of Scotland) where she will be working towards a degree in English Studies and Film & Media.
Please pray for Hannah as she will be living away from home, albeit about an hour from Edinburgh, and pray for Mom and Dad’s transition too.

Transition #3: Joshua is continuing his uni education in Business Administration here in Edinburgh, and his fiancé (which most of you know), Meghan Johnson is continuing to serve alongside us as a missionary intern.
Please pray for Joshua and Meghan as they grow, learn and serve.

Transition #4: Jacob is loving working and learning the skills that it takes to run and own a Bistro coffee house. It’s still a dream of ours to open up LoneStar- a Tex Mex eatery & coffee house. He is also continuing to serve as a leader at Centrepoint Church.
Please pray for Jacob to continue to develop his dreams and passions.

Transition #5: Our mission field reach and influence has expanded! Officially, I am now also a #MarketplaceMissionary.
I am now doing some work as a Property Manager for a friend who owns a Property Management firm. We have been friends for about 6 years. He too, is a missionary, only he and his family come from South Africa. The company is currently supporting missionaries from America and South Africa. I can only say that this timely transition must have been from God.
Please pray for me and Debbie as I/we balance everything.

We are seeing lives changed, transformed and renewed as we seek to see His Kingdom advanced here on earth and in this beautiful nation of Scotland……May it continue!!

Love, Kent

Tacos for 50


Tacos for 50
Today was a very special day for us as we celebrated beginning our 12th year as missionaries/church planters in Scotland.

It was special because we were privileged to serve 49 friends tacos made with love in our home.

This was a Kingdom event, because at the very heart of our Taco Sunday was a desire to participate in bringing about UNITY within the Body of Christ, in particular both churches that we have been working with, Centrepoint Church & Mosaic Edinburgh. Thanks to Nathan (Centrepoint) & James (Mosaic) for helping make today a tremendous success! God blesses unity.

We came together to honour God, to demonstrate a united stance to see God’s Kingdom expanded in Edinburgh & to pray for both churches.

Ps.133:1- How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

This coming Sunday, 23 September, Centrepoint Church Edinburgh will pray for us, and send us as we transition to serve with Mosaic.

If you missed my SHOCKING FACTS blog earlier in the week, then I would encourage you to continue reading. If you have already read it, then I want to thank you for taking the time to do so.

As we begin our 12th year here in Edinburgh, Scotland as missionaries/church planters, we would like to give God glory and praise for allowing us to preach the Gospel as we worked with YWAM and helped establish two separate churches. We have been privileged to help plant the Almond Vineyard church for 6 1/2 years, and the Every Nation/Centrepoint Church for the last 4 1/2 years.

As we transition into the next part of our journey here in Edinburgh as missionaries/church planters, we would LOVE for you to take the time (because it is very important to us) to read this letter explaining some details about our new role as we transition to help another church plant, Mosaic Edinburgh.

KEEP these SHOCKING facts in mind as you continue reading:

FACT: It would take 160 new churches being planted, that each grew to 500 people, in order for 20% of the UN-CHURCHED in Edinburgh to be reached!

You might want to read that again to take it all in.

LETTER: James Petticrew, Catalyst for Mosaic Edinburgh, whom we will be working with has written this letter on our behalf. We would really appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to read it.

Love, Kent

Mosaic Edinburgh

A Movement of Faith, Love & Hope

On Tuesday 3 February 1931, a devastating earthquake hit the area of Hawkes Bay on the South Island of New Zealand. Tragically that earthquake cost 256 people their lives and it also changed the lives of everyone who lived in the area. The tremendous upheaval in the ground made some bits of land disappear, some new pieces of land appeared where there had been a lagoon and new hills literally overnight came into being where the ground had been flat before. In an instant all the maps for the area had been rendered useless and the residents were left feeling consumed and bewildered in this new landscape. The people of Hawkes Bay went from living somewhere they were familiar with and which felt like home to living in an area that had changed almost beyond recognition. All of a sudden they had to learn new ways of navigating in what had been once a familiar and friendly landscape.

When I first heard that story it reminded me in so many ways of my experience as a church leader in Europe over the last 20 years. For much of the last 1000 years Europe felt like “home” for the church, it was familiar and friendly territory for Christianity. However more recently it increasingly feels like the church here is experiencing the same kind of upheaval the people of Hawkes Bay did back in 1931. That is because Europe over the last 30 to 40 years has been hit, not by a physical earthquake, but a by a cultural one and it feels like everything has changed. The old familiar landmarks in our Culture have gone, our culture which used to hold most Christian values now seems to oppose those self same values. The old ways of navigating in our culture, the old ways of doing and being church, just don’t get us where we want to go any more. Christianity has been pushed from its central position in European culture to the edges. No wonder the great missionary thinker Lesslie Newbigin said that Europe was the most difficult mission field the church had ever faced because it was the only mission field created by people thinking they had rejected Christianity. Following the earthquake in Hawkes Bay the church buildings had to be rebuilt and now in Europe there is a desperate need for new churches to built, not new physical buildings, but new expressions of God’s People committed to God’s mission in this new culture.

Vision of Mosaic Edinburgh: The vision of Mosaic Edinburgh is to be just such a fresh expression of church. We are committed to learning how to be God’s people, to learning how to make the Kingdom of God tangible, in this new culture we face here in Edinburgh with all of its challenges and opportunities. We are thinking and experimenting with new maps to help us navigate this unfamiliar cultural landscape. We are trying to rethink what the essence of being church is and how we can authentically express it here in our beautiful, historic city. We have gathered a core group of people from around Scotland and across the globe to launch what we are praying will be a significant new missional movement in Scotland’s capital. A huge amount of prayer over the last few years has gone into gathering this core group, specifically praying that God would lead people with a passion for and experience of mission in this challenging new environment for the church. It has been incredible to see how God has answered that prayer and to me, as one of the leaders of Mosaic, without doubt one of the clearest and most significant answers to that prayer we have seen has been Kent and Debbie Chandler’s step of faith in deciding to become part of the leadership of Mosaic Edinburgh and join us in this bold new God inspired experiment in mission. If you know Kent and Debbie well that won’t come as a surprise to you.

THE CHANDLERS: The Chandlers came to Scotland over 11 years ago with YWAM with a passion for being part of what God was doing in Europe particularly to see new churches planted in a continent that has seen so many die. Since then they have had considerable experience of mission in Edinburgh and have been part of teams which have helped establish two separate congregations in the city. I cannot think of anyone else I know of who has that kind of track record and experience of church planting in Edinburgh. They see their role in Mosaic as being the next step in following God’s missionary calling for their life. Kent will be becoming part of the core leadership group of Mosaic, serving as a pastor with several key roles and he and Debbie together will be planting a new missional community focused on reaching the unchurched which they will lead. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have Kent and Debbie Chandler joining the team at Mosaic. I believe that our mission here in historic and scenic Edinburgh is incredibly strategic. In just two years Scotland will vote on becoming fully independent and whatever the outcome of the vote the culture of Scotland will continue to change. Edinburgh may be Scotland’s capital but its becoming increasingly multicultural with some of the brightest best from around the world coming to study at its world class universities or work in the finance industry. We believe that God has called us to launch Mosaic Edinburgh to join Him in rising to these to strategic opportunities for the Gospel here. I know that Kent and Debbie with their wealth of church planting experience and very clear giftings will be key people in helping us become the missional church God is calling us to be.

Commend Kent & Debbie: For all those reasons I want to commend Kent and Debbie to you and ask specifically if you could support and partner with them in this new chapter in their calling as missionaries to the unchurched of Europe in several ways? Would you firstly, and perhaps most importantly, support them in prayer? Nothing of any spiritual significance will happen in this city or continent I believe without the sustained focused prayer by God’s people and of course that includes the Chandlers work here. I know they are acutely aware of their need for God’s power to be unleashed in what they plan to being doing and that won’t happen without prayer. To be frank they also need financial support as Edinburgh is an expensive city in which to live, the second most expensive in the whole of the UK. I know personally that its never easy to ask for financial support so I am going to do it for them. Would you consider making for the for the first time, or continuing to make, contributions to their ongoing support fund. I am ask you to support them financially not so much just to fund a great family to serve here in Scotland but so you too can partner with God in seeing an impact being made through His Kingdom in this strategic city? I know this is a difficult financial climate for many of us but I also know that many of us fritter money on things of little importance which could support work in the Kingdom of God which is of course of ultimate importance. So if you can commit to support them I would ask you to prayerfully consider doing so. If you have any questions about Mosaic, our vision or mission please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Yours in Christ,

James Petticrew, Catalyst Mosaic Edinburgh


Distractions are Momentum Killers


Distractions are Momentum Killers!

My resolve after reflecting on the past 48 hours:

Distractions can kill momentum…or at the very least cause a sudden set back that could either be temporary or permanent.

While sitting in bed at 11:15pm tonight, after what I am calling a short day, I began reflecting over the last 48 hours or so, and began writing down my thoughts in my journal entry for the day.

I am saying that today was a short day because it was followed by a very long day. Yesterday, I began my first day, well first night of working a 12 hour shift, continuous all through the night, as an extra, in the new Fast & Furious 6 movie which is partially being filmed in Glasgow. After driving an hour back home to Edinburgh, I eventually made it into my bed. While lying there suffering from excruciating knee pain, I took my pain killers, and watched a little telly to try and distract my brain from the pain signals. I eventually fell asleep and slept for about 6 hours.

Call it success I guess, but now I’m back in bed, only this time reflecting on what I thought I had wanted to do, or maybe what I thought God had orchestrated for me to do since they chose me to be only 1 of 30 out of hundreds or even thousands of other extras to choose from. I had agreed to be an extra in this new Hollywood feature film, but unfortunately or maybe thankfully, my knee wasn’t going to allow for another 10 nights of standing and walking (in the cold mind you) on the set for another 12 hour shift in each of the next 10 days.

In hindsight, I was being extremely optimistic and overly ambitious while thinking I could stand all night long after only just 4 months since having a total knee replacement (not to mention what it was doing to my bad knee). My Physio is thanking me for making the “RIGHT” choice now.

Thankfully, I’ve realised that, had I been able to complete these next 11 days/nights of filming, no matter how rewarding and satisfying it might have been, that it was going to be a distraction for me. On the one hand, I was meeting people from Glasgow (which is not a bad thing) and had begun a relationship with a couple of the guys, (which is a good thing) but God has called me to Edinburgh, and to my community. And, if I am being totally honest with myself, I have to conclude that I have resolved within my heart, soul, and now mind, that these next 11 days were going to be a distraction for me!

Over the last two weeks, I had begun to sense some real momentum with the changes that are happening, and some excitement with the announcement that I/we are in the midst of a transition. The news that I am now part of the core leadership team of Mosaic Edinburgh, serving as a Pastor, as well as, several other key roles, and that Debbie and I are going to be planting a missional community (beginning this next month), in which we will be leading, has put some definitive excitement back in my life, and it has also reenergised me.

Excitement, momentum, 2 blog posts in one week, and another two in the hopper ready to post, setting up social media for Mosaic, and with the nudging of many others, starting another blog called , Foodienationz, & other social media like Facebook (LIKE our Foodienationz page) and Twitter, (Follow us @FoodieNationz). These are all just part of the focus shift that has been occurring with me over the last couple of weeks.

So, even though another experience of being an extra again would have been good, and the money great, I am very grateful that my circumstances only briefly allowed this kind of set- back. This was a momentum train wreck on the verge of derailing what has taken place recently , and that would have been a difficult task to get “The Mo” back on track!

I get it God, I am listening now, and I am very happy to be focused on what you have purposed me to do.

I’ll leave you with this final question.

Are you being distracted from the very thing that God has purposed in your heart for you to be doing today?

If so, don’t let the distractions kill your momentum. Stay focused on what He wants you to do!

Love, Kent

The Day Before

The Day Before Surgery has now come. I am thankful that I was able to grab some peace and quite time in the sun refreshing my soul and resting my body this morning.

It has been a very hectic few weeks leading into this time. I’ve got some great stories to tell in a future blog about the community charity dinner that we cooked for and put on in my local pub, Good Friday/Easter Sunday, Hannah’s X Factor auditions in Glasgow & the arrival of our family friend Meghan Johnson who is here living with us and working with us as an intern for the next 6 months to name just a few.

Leading up to today, there has been a shortage of laptop time for me, & so Debbie has suggested I update my blog with stories and photos during my recovery time after I am feeling better. So, I have agreed.

PrayerI would like to ask you to pray for me and my family as I go into hospital at 7:15am tomorrow to have the first of two total knee replacements. They say I will be in hospital for 5-7 days. & to expect to be pretty miserable during recovery for the first six weeks. Thus, I/we need your prayers.

Debbie and I will be updating my progress during the hospital stay and once I get home on Facebook.

We love each one of you!

Love, Kent

20120411-044231 PM.jpg

Musings of Christmas & Community

An excerpt from “The Case for Christmas” by Lee Strobel

“The Chicago Tribune newsroom was eerily quiet on the day before Christmas.  As I sat at my desk with little to do, my mind kept wandering back to a family I had encountered a month earlier while I was working on a series of articles about Chicago’s neediest people.  The Delgados – sixty year old Perfecta and her granddaughters Lydia and Jenny – had been burned out of their roach-infested tenement and were now living in a tiny two-room apartment on the West Side.  As I walked in, I couldn’t believe how empty it was.  There was no furniture, no rugs, nothing on the walls-only a small kitchen table and one handful of rice.  That’s it.  They were virtually devoid of possessions.  In fact, eleven-year-old Lydia and thirteen-year-old Jenny owned only one short-sleeved dress each, plus one thin, gray sweater between them.  When they walked the half mile to school through the biting cold, Lydia would wear the sweater for part of the distance and then hand it to her shivering sister, who would wear it the rest of the way.  But despite their poverty and the painful arthritis that kept Perfecta from working, she still talked confidently about her faith in Jesus.  She was convinced he had not abandoned them.  I never sensed despair or self-pity in her home; instead, there was a gentle feeling of hope and peace.  I wrote an article about the Delgados and then quickly moved on to more exciting assignments.  But as I sat at my desk on Christmas Eve, I continued to wrestle with the irony of the situation: here was a family that had nothing but faith and yet seemed happy, while I had everything I needed materially but lacked faith -and inside I felt as empty and barren as their apartment.  I walked over to the city desk to sign out a car.  It was a slow news day with nothing of consequence going on.  My boss could call me if something were to happen.  In the meantime, I decided to drive over to West Homer Street and see how the Delgados were doing.


When Jenny opened the door, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Tribune readers had responded to my article by showering the Delgados with a treasure trove of gifts -roomfuls of furniture, appliances, and rugs; a lavish Christmas tree with piles of wrapped presents underneath; carton upon bulging carton of food; and a dazzling selection of clothing, including dozens of warm winter coats, scarves, and gloves.  On top of that, they donated thousands of dollars in cash.  But as surprised as I was by the outpouring, I was even more astonished by what my visit was interrupting: Perfecta and her granddaughters were getting ready to give away much of their newfound wealth.  When I asked Perfecta why, she replied in halting English: ‘Our neighbors are still in need.  We cannot have plenty while they have nothing.  This is what Jesus would want us to do.’  That blew me away!  If I had been in their position at that time in my life, I would have been hoarding everything.  I asked Perfecta what she thought about the generosity of the people who had sent all of these goodies, and again her response amazed me.  ‘This is wonderful; this is very good,’ she said gesturing toward the largess. ‘We did nothing to deserve this – it’s a gift from God.  But, she added, it is not His greatest gift.  No, we celebrate that tomorrow.  That is Jesus.’  To her, this child in the manger was the undeserved gift that meant everything – more than material possessions, more than comfort, more than security.  And at that moment, something inside of me wanted desperately to know this Jesus- because, in a sense, I saw Him in Perfecta and her granddaughters.”

My prayer is that this short excerpt from “The Case for Christmas”  by Lee Strobel will in some way encourage, inspire and challenge us to reflect during this season that it really is ALL about Jesus. He is the greatest gift!

“In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent His only Son into the world, so that we might live through Him.  In this is love, not that we have loved God but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.  Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” 1 John 4:9-11 esv


Kayleigh's Baptism

Excited to have had the privilege of  baptizing one of Hannah’s friends, Kayleigh during this past month.

Community: We’ve Got to Come Together   God has been speaking to me a lot about the important role that community plays in our daily lives.  So, I’ve included a link here if you would like to listen to my sermon on community from a few weeks back. (38minutes).

We wish you a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Love Kent

From Hospital Trolley to Testimony…My Journey

From Hospital Trolley to Testimony…My Journey
My story is of God’s faithfulness, trustworthiness, and lovingkindness that is steadfast and never changing. Through it all, God never failed me or left me alone. He was always by my side.

Enough Hospitals Already!

From Hospital Trolley:

After 3 surgeries that included 2 knee surgeries and a testicular cancer surgery over a time period of 5 months, I can honestly say that it has been a tough wilderness experience, but well worth it.
To Testimony:
First and foremost, let me give God ALL the Glory for healing me.  God in his gracious mercy chose to heal me, and since before Christmas I can testify that I am CANCER FREE.
During this time, I feel that God has been molding me and shaping me more to His image, a bit of a refiner’s fire, if you will.  My love, concern and compassion for people has been even more deeply rooted, and my faith in God has increased substantially, especially in the area of praying and believing for others healing and salvations.
To Testimony:
In the last two weeks, God has allowed me to pray for others, and we have been witness to God’s miraculous healing once again.  It is so exciting to be the recipient of God’s healing and then to be used by Him to pray for others.  We’ve seen knees, hips, ears, and a hairline fractures being healed and pain relieved.
Miracle – God Grew Her Leg:
We had the opportunity to pray for a young girl who has walked with a limp for years, and had a metal plate put into her hip.  We prayed for her leg to grow, and it did!  It grew before our eyes about 1 1/2 inches!  She was in tears, and saying she couldn’t believe God had done this for her.  She stood up and began to walk, only this time without a limp. She began testifying to all those around that God had grown her leg, and she was rejoicing because she was no longer walking with a limp.
Miracle – God Grew Her Arm:
This same girl came back to church on the following Sunday, and brought a non-believing school friend with her. She testified from the stage how God grew her leg, and she was still walking without a limp.  We had ANOTHER opportunity to pray for her.  She has had several surgeries on her arm where the bones are not connecting to each other.  Her arm is bent at the elbow at about a 45 degree angle, and could not straighten out.  Because of this condition, one arm was about an inch shorter than the other.  We prayed, and asked God to grow her arm this time. And He did!  It grew to where her hands and fingers could touch and were now even.  Additionally, it began to straighten out.  We believe God has amazing plans for this young girl’s life.
Miracle – Young Girl Prayed with Us & Saw Another Leg Grow:
We then had the opportunity to lay hands on another woman who had one leg longer than the other.  She had been through physio, and recently several chiropractic visits with not much relief.  She had been experiencing hip pain because of the leg problem. This young girl now prayed with us.  And God grew the woman’s leg to the same length as the other one.
Oh, the joy, to see this young girl testify of God healing her, and then to hear her pray for someone else, asking God for “more and to grow this leg”.
From Hearing the Gospel and Being Healed to Commitment:
After another amazing day of praying for healing, I received the following message:
Hey, Pastor Kent!  Yes, she did! God is good!  She’s believed the Gospel for awhile now, but had never come to a place of saying to God, “I’m completely following after you now”.  So, yesterday, she made the commitment! Yay! After hearing the Gospel several times and God healing her, this same young girl came to faith in Jesus, and yesterday repented, and said she is completely following after Jesus now!  WE REJOICE!
As you can well imagine, my faith level is continuing to rise.  We desire to see more souls come into the Kingdom, faith to be increased in others, lives to be touched, and more miraculous healing.
Lord, let your Kingdom Come on earth as it is in heaven.
I would love to hear some of your stories of what God is doing…Drop me a comment!
The journey continues…
Love, Kent

2011 Begins with Breakthrough

2011 Begins with Breakthrough

What an amazing surprise to see that God is already using the testimony of how He has healed me, and that I am cancer-free after the surgery to remove the testicular tumor for His glory in reaching out to others.
Tonight, Hannah was back at her gymnastics class which means that I was back at the Centre Court pub building on the relationships that God has given me.
BREAKTHROUGH: God gave me the amazing opportunity to have a very real in-depth God conversation with Gus & Elaine, who have been married for 42 years.  After 4 years of building relationships in this pub, Gus & Elaine, whom I have known for a long while, and have had numerous seemingly uneventful conversations with them have finally opened up to me.
Tonight was different, and a breakthrough occured.  Because I was open and honest in sharing with them about this past surgery and God’s healing, they surprisingly asked me where was my tumor. I briefly thought to myself, do I say where it was or don’t I.  I felt a prompting from the Holy Spirit to say it was in my testicle. Suddenly, Gus related to me that he too, has had his testicle removed because of a tumor.
God used my testimony to open up the doors to begin having very real God conversations, and I am so excited and give Him all the glory.  I really believe that God is going to use this past struggle to bring about advancement for His Kingdom.
Please pray: with me for Gus & Elaine as well as all the other relationships at Centre Court pub that this year will be the year that some will repent, and come into the saving grace of Jesus.
Homelessness: In just a few minutes, I will be leaving to go cater for, and serve about 50 homeless people who will be brought in off the streets tonight for the Bethany Care Shelter. (Bethany is the Christian charity where Debbie, Joshua and Jacob all work).  Please pray for our Centrepoint Church team that will be serving with me.
The joy of the Lord is my strength.  I pray that it is yours too!
Love, Kent

I don’t know why He chose me!

God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.  James 1:12 NLT

Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness.
Let the whole world know what he has done. Psalm 105:1 NLT

A Thankful Heart
We give praise and thanksgiving to our Father, the Creator of the Universe.  He is worthy of ALL our honour and our praise. We write to you with joy this evening, overwhelmed by the love of the Father, and resting in His peace.

We are so grateful to each of you who have laboured with us on this journey after I was first diagnosed with a testicular tumor.  Your prayers and fasting, your love, your support, your encouragement ALL mean the world to Debbie and I.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Results: Tumor Benign & Surveillance for 2 years
We are excited to report that God has healed me.  There was over a 95% chance that the tumor was cancerous, so the whole testicle was removed.

We were told, however, that the tumor that was found was a very rare testicular tumor called a Leydig tumor which are usually benign.

And yes, my tumor was benign!  There was no sign of cancer from the testicle itself, from the blood work (tumor markers) nor from the CT Scan that I had on Friday.  ALL CLEAR!  Healed in the Name of Jesus!

Patient of the Cancer Centre for the next 2 years
Because these tumors can come back, and in some cases become malignant the Oncologist has made me a patient of the Cancer Centre here in Edinburgh, and will keep me under surveillance for the next 2 years.  This will include regular check-ups, CT scans and blood work.  I am excited and believe this will just be more and more evidence of God healing me.

God Chose to Heal Me, Why?
I am excited for myself, my family, my friends and for our ministry that God chose to heal me.  I do believe that He is not finished with me yet.  During this journey, God has really spoken to Debbie and me about some things that have deeply impacted our hearts, and we believe they are to be utilised in this next phase of our lives.

Watch this blog, because as we turn 50 this year, celebrate 30 years of marriage and 10 years as missionaries in Scotland, we believe there are going to be some exciting things happening!

Thank you so much again for all who have prayed and stood by us, served us and loved on us during this time.  You know who you are, and we love each of you deeply.

As always,
Love, Kent and Debbie