Year 14 Begins with Transitions

Year 14 Begins with Transitions
lives changed-transformed & renewed

As Year #14 begins for us as missionaries in this beautiful nation we call home, we find our selves, our lives, and our Nation in a time of flux and transition.

Transition #1: Many of you will be aware that this week, on Thursday, 18 September, the people of Scotland will vote Yes or No on a referendum that will allow Scotland to gain it’s independence and become totally separate from the United Kingdom. At the end of the day Thursday, Scotland will have it’s say on independence. Whether the outcome is a Yes or No vote, we are in for a significant time of transition.
Please pray for Scotland and for the people to not only have a political awakening but a spiritual awakening as well. Pray for our family and all of the other American missionaries that are labouring in this country.

Transition #2: As most of you know, Hannah served in the slums of Kolkata India during the month of July with a UK based ministry called TearFund and one of their partners EMC-Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta. She had an amazing life-changing time that has propelled her into her next journey as a uni student at the University of Stirling (in the Heart of Scotland) where she will be working towards a degree in English Studies and Film & Media.
Please pray for Hannah as she will be living away from home, albeit about an hour from Edinburgh, and pray for Mom and Dad’s transition too.

Transition #3: Joshua is continuing his uni education in Business Administration here in Edinburgh, and his fiancé (which most of you know), Meghan Johnson is continuing to serve alongside us as a missionary intern.
Please pray for Joshua and Meghan as they grow, learn and serve.

Transition #4: Jacob is loving working and learning the skills that it takes to run and own a Bistro coffee house. It’s still a dream of ours to open up LoneStar- a Tex Mex eatery & coffee house. He is also continuing to serve as a leader at Centrepoint Church.
Please pray for Jacob to continue to develop his dreams and passions.

Transition #5: Our mission field reach and influence has expanded! Officially, I am now also a #MarketplaceMissionary.
I am now doing some work as a Property Manager for a friend who owns a Property Management firm. We have been friends for about 6 years. He too, is a missionary, only he and his family come from South Africa. The company is currently supporting missionaries from America and South Africa. I can only say that this timely transition must have been from God.
Please pray for me and Debbie as I/we balance everything.

We are seeing lives changed, transformed and renewed as we seek to see His Kingdom advanced here on earth and in this beautiful nation of Scotland……May it continue!!

Love, Kent


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