A Note From a Small Island


A Note from a Small Island

Recovery Update
Some of you have been asking for an update on my recovery. Firstly, let me say how much I have appreciated your prayers and encouragement during this long journey. Since my last total knee replacement surgery, I have been diligent in pushing through the physio and rehab and God continues to work a miracle in expediting my process. I’ve done everything asked of me at a much quicker pace than previous. On the challenging side of things, I continue to struggle with pain and consequently some not so pleasant side effects of the pain medication. I’m working with my GP on slowly decreasing what I’m taking and the dosages.

Confirmation Written in the Sky?

On a recent sunny afternoon, I decided to take a break outside, and spend some time praying, seeking, waiting & listening to God. After all, my theme during this rehabilitation time was to seek God for Himself & for what’s next. With so many different ways to schedule my time, I felt like God wanted me to press in to Him in order that I might know what I am “to set my hands to do.”

With my face set gazing toward the rare, warm Scottish afternoon sun, at the very moment I opened my eyes, I saw two jets passing in the sky which were forming a perfect “X” pattern. My eyes didn’t just see an X in the sky but God spoke to me! He showed me that it was a replica of a Scottish flag.

Finished here in Scotland?… I say not!

There is much work to be done and so we will continue to:

Psalm 138:8 ESV
“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.”

We are really excited to have Meghan Johnson (Joshua’s pre-fiancé) to come join us as an intern with Mosaic Edinburgh. She will be living with our family and working with us for at least the next 2 years. This is a great opportunity for her to learn as well as carry on with some of her and Joshua’s previous ministry they were doing when she was here for 6 months before.

Can I be honest with you? We really need a break from here! We need to see family! It has been 4 years since we have seen family (3 since Joshua & I have seen my family). Still, 3 years is a long time. And, 4 years since we have had a break is a very long time!

Again, honestly, our income currently from jobs and partners who support our ministry work does not allow us to save for airfare and the expenses needed to travel back to America to see family, friends & partners.

In faith, we are beginning to plan for this trip! We would like to travel in August-September unless we have the funds or tickets in place beforehand.

Our plan would be to fly from Edinburgh to Dallas-Fort Worth Texas.

Would you please consider helping us get home to see family, friends & partners and to have a much needed break?

We need to get there & we will need a car for transportation.

1. If you have a PayPal account, you can donate directly & securely at chandlerfamily5@gmail.com
2. You can donate on our GoFundMe page, securely http://www.gofundme.com/34cqts
3. You can donate by providing air miles.

Can you help with a car for our transport needs?

Thank you so much for your love, support and encouragement.

Love, Kent


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