RECOVERY UPDATE: Something Miraculous Happened Today
see photo proof @ end of blog post

I don’t know why but I’m continually amazed when I see God move in miraculous ways, especially in my own life. But I am here to testify today of answered prayers. I want to thank all of you who have been on this journey with me. Since August 2010, I have had 5 surgeries that included 4 knee surgeries ( 2 arthoscopic and 2 total knee replacements) and a testicular cancer surgery. Your prayers have given me hope, patience and strength to endure as I’ve witnessed God’s hand and healing on my life. So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you again!

It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since my 2nd knee replacement. Already I’ve seen a big difference compared to the last one (on the other knee). I can’t say that it has been any less painful but I am taking less pain medication, so that means something right?. There is less swelling, and I seem to be getting around better than last time already. I can see that I’ve gotten more flexibility and bend in my knee, this even before my first outpatient physio begins on Friday, 1st February.

MIRACULOUS: The last two days, I have been able to increase my exercises which has really encouraged me. But, something miraculous happened to me this afternoon. During my exercises today, I decided to listen & watch a worship service on iBethel.tv, led by Jeremy Riddle (who happens to be one of my favourite worship leaders) for what I thought was going to be a distraction for me.

Little did I know that God had other plans.

After I had warmed up and felt like I had done really well with my flexibility, I decided to try once again to be able to lift my leg. This is a feat that took me 5 weeks to accomplish with my last total knee replacement, I’m not joking, 5 weeks! So, with a tremendous amount of strain and effort, I tried and tried to lift my foot/leg off the bed. At first, I had no luck, I just couldn’t do it. Then, with a huge amount of effort, I managed to get it up, a tiny little bit. Exhausted but excited, I called Debbie to come watch.

Again with great concentration, effort, strain and grunting I was able to lift it ever so slightly off the bed. HUGE SUCESS! But, with that success, I felt like I strained a muscle or something. So I must have done it wrong somehow.

BACK TO THE MIRACULOUS: As I said previously, I believe God had other plans for me instead of just listening and watching this worship time while I was exercising. At the end of the worship, the Holy Spirit was moving and speaking. I sensed that the Holy Spirit was not only moving there in Redding CA, but believe it or not, moving in my bedroom too. Through prayer and witnessing the move of the Holy Spirit they asked people to lay hands on someone around them to pray for healing or impartation or just encouragement.

ASK GOD TO SUPERNATURALLY HELP ME TO RECOVER: So, with no one around me, I decided to lay hands on myself, and with faith, I asked God to supernaturally help me to recover from this 2nd total knee replacement.

After praying for someone’s healing, I always, if appropriate, ask them to try to do something that they weren’t able to do before. For me, I decided to try and lift my foot and leg up from the bed, but this time more than just a bit.

TO MY AMAZEMENT, I not only was able to lift it up off the bed, I was able to lift it to where my leg was straight up and down pointing to the ceiling. I suddenly realised it took very little effort to do it so I decided to try it again. Before I did, I said both to myself and to God, that if I can do it again with little effort then I can testify of God’s amazing supernatural healing in helping me to recover. The second time was a complete success too!

Now came the time to testify to Debbie and Jacob, so I asked them to come up to my room and to be my witness. To their amazement, and mine too, BOOM! I did it again!. This is awesome! And again, I did it for Hannah when she got home, only this time I was smart enough to have her take a photo for proof.

At the end of all the excitement, I realise that I still have a long road ahead of physio and rehab, but today I can testify of God’s grace, love, and mercy on my life as He supernaturally is helping me to recover.

Can we just all pray, More Lord Please! And my prayer is for each of you to experience MORE of His love, grace, and mercy in your life too.

Love, Kent



3 thoughts on “I BELIEVE in MIRACLES

  1. Amy Cook

    This post makes me so happy!!!! I have been specifically praying for less pain, and for a quicker recovery, so I think that was the guidance of the Holy Spirit! 🙂
    It is an honor to pray for you & your sweet family-I feel so blessed to have y’all as my friends! Prayers continue, and thanks for sharing this encouraging news!

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