Taco Sunday Celebration

As most of you know by now, God has spoken to us about transitioning into the next part of our journey in ministry here in Edinburgh. We are very excited about this because as a missionary/church planter, one of your goals is to help establish a church plant and then step aside so that the local leadership can take its place.CELEBRATING 11 YEARS:

This week we are celebrating completing 11 years in Edinburgh & Scotland as missionaries and church planters. Over these past 11 years we have worked with YWAM, and helped establish two separate churches. We spent 6 1/2 years with the Almond Vineyard church and 4 1/2 years with Every Nation/Centrepoint Church. Over the last year, Nathan (now lead pastor at Centrepoint Church Edinburgh) has been very gracious to loan me out a bit and for Debbie and I to help another church plant, called Mosaic Edinburgh, pull together a core group of people.

STARTING YEAR 12 in Edinburgh, Scotland:

So, as we transition from helping establish another church , Centrepoint Church, and move on in our journey in ministry here in Edinburgh, it is time for us to celebrate unity, and honour God. The next phase in our ministry here in Edinburgh is to continue to invest in a missional church movement called Mosaic Edinburgh, a movement of faith, love & hope. (More detailed information of what our role is going to be with Mosaic Edinburgh can found in an upcoming blog that will include a letter from James Petticrew at lovefromkent.wordpress.com)
We want to honour God, and to celebrate unity amongest the body of Christ, and unity as we advance the Kingdom of God together here in our beautiful, historic city, Edinburgh!
Thus, we have created the event, Taco Sunday Celebration!At this Taco Sunday Celebration, we will take time to bless and pray for Nathan & Ailsa as they lead Centrepoint Church Edinburgh, & to bless and pray for James and the leadership team of Mosaic Edinburgh!
When: Sunday Lunch on 16 September
Time: 1:30 for 2:00 until 5:00pm
Place: our house, 28 Redford Bank, Edinburgh EH13 0AQ
We will provide homemade Tex Mex Turkey Tacos (the meat) & Kent’s famous homemade Salsa, and we would ask everyone else to bring one of the following additional sides to go along with the meal.Salad (chopped lettuce & tomato)
Flour tortillas
Sour cream
Tortilla chips
Could you please RSVP via text or on the Facebook event so I can know roughly how many to cater for?We are really looking forward to this celebration as we honour God and bless and pray for our city.
Love, Pastor Kent & Debbie

2 thoughts on “Taco Sunday Celebration

  1. Congratulations on your 12th year anniversary and it’s exciting to hear about how the Lord has used you and your family already and the new door that is opening. 😉 Praying here and hoping to be able to come visit y’all soon. Numbers 6.24-26

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