Sound-bites of Summer Pt. 1

6 Month Check- Up   –    Still Cancer Free!
12 July 2011- ‎6 mo check-up at the cancer centre today & I was told my scans were all clear & still cancer free. Praise Jesus for healing me! Thanks for your prayers.
LG’s healing and salvation
God has miraculously saved this 16 year old girl as she committed her life to following Jesus, and has healed her by growing her leg, arm and dissolving a tumor in her leg.  She’s recently moved to Australia with her family and sent me this message…
“everyone loves my story on finding god! im so glad that i get to tell people my experience with god! anyway, cant wait to come back to scotland for a wee visit and see yous all”.
Water Baptism
Recently, we had a very special Sunday where we baptized 4 people including LG.
Our monthly outreach where we share the love of Jesus with dancers and bouncers. One young lady, E, has now heard the Gospel several times and has expressed a desire to get out of this work, but has felt trapped do to debt and a high tax bill.  God is loving her & wooing her, and recently her tax bill has been reduced significantly.
Missions Week
In June, we had a missions team  from America serving with us for 10 days.  Our main outreach was a picture survey asking questions that would give us an opportunity to share the Gospel.
Two highlights for me: (1) Met a Religious Education teacher from a local high school who turned out to be a not-yet believer. Can you imagine, teaching religious education and not being a believer?  I was able to share some with him, and got his email so we can meet up for coffee.  (2) an impromptu baptism at a local beach.
Community Group
We’ve got a heart for Edinburgh!  We are a group of people that God has brought together from the nations to reach the lost here in Edinburgh. Scotland, America, Zambia, Nigeria, Columbia, Nepal, Poland & Hong Kong.
Ministry Partnership
Please continue to pray for us as we reach out to Edinburgh, Scotland and Europe with the Gospel.
Critical Stage
Honestly, we are at a critical stage where we need to increase the number of our partners who can join with us to help resource our ministry in spreading the Gospel.
Please Take a Moment
Please take a look at how you can partner with us under the “supporting our ministry” tab here on the blog.
Love, Kent


2 thoughts on “Sound-bites of Summer Pt. 1

  1. Laney Dubrawsky

    Hi Kent, In regard to your comment about people who teach Christian education who are not born again, did you know that Christian Seminaries have professors who are not born-again?
    By the way, this is a great blog. Love the young lady’s testimony as well as the other things you posted.

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