From Hospital Trolley to Testimony…My Journey

From Hospital Trolley to Testimony…My Journey
My story is of God’s faithfulness, trustworthiness, and lovingkindness that is steadfast and never changing. Through it all, God never failed me or left me alone. He was always by my side.

Enough Hospitals Already!

From Hospital Trolley:

After 3 surgeries that included 2 knee surgeries and a testicular cancer surgery over a time period of 5 months, I can honestly say that it has been a tough wilderness experience, but well worth it.
To Testimony:
First and foremost, let me give God ALL the Glory for healing me.  God in his gracious mercy chose to heal me, and since before Christmas I can testify that I am CANCER FREE.
During this time, I feel that God has been molding me and shaping me more to His image, a bit of a refiner’s fire, if you will.  My love, concern and compassion for people has been even more deeply rooted, and my faith in God has increased substantially, especially in the area of praying and believing for others healing and salvations.
To Testimony:
In the last two weeks, God has allowed me to pray for others, and we have been witness to God’s miraculous healing once again.  It is so exciting to be the recipient of God’s healing and then to be used by Him to pray for others.  We’ve seen knees, hips, ears, and a hairline fractures being healed and pain relieved.
Miracle – God Grew Her Leg:
We had the opportunity to pray for a young girl who has walked with a limp for years, and had a metal plate put into her hip.  We prayed for her leg to grow, and it did!  It grew before our eyes about 1 1/2 inches!  She was in tears, and saying she couldn’t believe God had done this for her.  She stood up and began to walk, only this time without a limp. She began testifying to all those around that God had grown her leg, and she was rejoicing because she was no longer walking with a limp.
Miracle – God Grew Her Arm:
This same girl came back to church on the following Sunday, and brought a non-believing school friend with her. She testified from the stage how God grew her leg, and she was still walking without a limp.  We had ANOTHER opportunity to pray for her.  She has had several surgeries on her arm where the bones are not connecting to each other.  Her arm is bent at the elbow at about a 45 degree angle, and could not straighten out.  Because of this condition, one arm was about an inch shorter than the other.  We prayed, and asked God to grow her arm this time. And He did!  It grew to where her hands and fingers could touch and were now even.  Additionally, it began to straighten out.  We believe God has amazing plans for this young girl’s life.
Miracle – Young Girl Prayed with Us & Saw Another Leg Grow:
We then had the opportunity to lay hands on another woman who had one leg longer than the other.  She had been through physio, and recently several chiropractic visits with not much relief.  She had been experiencing hip pain because of the leg problem. This young girl now prayed with us.  And God grew the woman’s leg to the same length as the other one.
Oh, the joy, to see this young girl testify of God healing her, and then to hear her pray for someone else, asking God for “more and to grow this leg”.
From Hearing the Gospel and Being Healed to Commitment:
After another amazing day of praying for healing, I received the following message:
Hey, Pastor Kent!  Yes, she did! God is good!  She’s believed the Gospel for awhile now, but had never come to a place of saying to God, “I’m completely following after you now”.  So, yesterday, she made the commitment! Yay! After hearing the Gospel several times and God healing her, this same young girl came to faith in Jesus, and yesterday repented, and said she is completely following after Jesus now!  WE REJOICE!
As you can well imagine, my faith level is continuing to rise.  We desire to see more souls come into the Kingdom, faith to be increased in others, lives to be touched, and more miraculous healing.
Lord, let your Kingdom Come on earth as it is in heaven.
I would love to hear some of your stories of what God is doing…Drop me a comment!
The journey continues…
Love, Kent

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