2011 Begins with Breakthrough

2011 Begins with Breakthrough

What an amazing surprise to see that God is already using the testimony of how He has healed me, and that I am cancer-free after the surgery to remove the testicular tumor for His glory in reaching out to others.
Tonight, Hannah was back at her gymnastics class which means that I was back at the Centre Court pub building on the relationships that God has given me.
BREAKTHROUGH: God gave me the amazing opportunity to have a very real in-depth God conversation with Gus & Elaine, who have been married for 42 years.  After 4 years of building relationships in this pub, Gus & Elaine, whom I have known for a long while, and have had numerous seemingly uneventful conversations with them have finally opened up to me.
Tonight was different, and a breakthrough occured.  Because I was open and honest in sharing with them about this past surgery and God’s healing, they surprisingly asked me where was my tumor. I briefly thought to myself, do I say where it was or don’t I.  I felt a prompting from the Holy Spirit to say it was in my testicle. Suddenly, Gus related to me that he too, has had his testicle removed because of a tumor.
God used my testimony to open up the doors to begin having very real God conversations, and I am so excited and give Him all the glory.  I really believe that God is going to use this past struggle to bring about advancement for His Kingdom.
Please pray: with me for Gus & Elaine as well as all the other relationships at Centre Court pub that this year will be the year that some will repent, and come into the saving grace of Jesus.
Homelessness: In just a few minutes, I will be leaving to go cater for, and serve about 50 homeless people who will be brought in off the streets tonight for the Bethany Care Shelter. (Bethany is the Christian charity where Debbie, Joshua and Jacob all work).  Please pray for our Centrepoint Church team that will be serving with me.
The joy of the Lord is my strength.  I pray that it is yours too!
Love, Kent

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