Facebook status of the week

In case you missed it. On Saturday night, 14 August,  I posted an update on facebook with some very exciting news.  The following is the message.

“So EXCITED: Shine Family Day today in Leith Links Park & I get the awesome privilege of leading a young Scot to Jesus on my 1st day back out in our amazing city.  God, YOU are awesome & I can’t think of a better way of being welcomed back to Scotland. “

We were out in the park having a BBQ, playing football (not me), and meeting people.  It was a celebration as such, completing the two previous weeks of our Shine outreach, (partnering with YWAM Edinburgh) of which Hannah & Jacob were heavily involved each day.  There had been several salvation decisions throughout the 2 weeks, which is awesome, and God allowed me the privilege of leading a 20something, young Scot to Jesus too!

Here’s what happened: I was having a conversation with a young American missionary, and was saying that I pray and believe God each day we are here in Edinburgh to send people across my path.  I pray that I will have divine appointments with people that He is preparing their hearts, and that they are searching for Him.  After all, we are about planting churches that reach lost people.  About 10 minutes later, one of our YWAM leaders came up to us, and said that she had been having a conversation with 2 guys, and one seems to be interested in beginning a relationship with Jesus.  Can you talk to him, I was asked?

After an in depth conversation, of asking him questions and sharing the Gospel with him, I asked him to pray in his own words.  We rejoice with the Father and with Dean, and I ask you to remember to pray for Dean as we continue a road of discipleship with this young Scot.

Love, Kent


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